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Dashboard & Widget

In version 2.0 we introducing widgets feature . Widget will only appear on dashboard . each users will have option to show wich widget want they show . All widget list and permission are controller ad Widget Managements, so users only can select widget where they have access .

Manage Widgets

Unserstanding widget flow process .
  • All widget template/file are static , stored at views/widget/your_widget_file.blade.php
  • If you need real dynamic data on your widget content/ file , you can make it by write code directly on the file .

Create & Registering widget

Follow this step to create/register new widget .
  • Create new file at resources/views/widget/my_first_widget.blade.php and fill with anyhting you want
  • Go to Widget Managements and click create new
  • Field all form input
  • For template input field , fill it with the name that you have create , but dont include .blade.php extension , so it would be my_first_widget
  • Save it
That's it . you have new widget .

Test widget

Now go to your dashboard and click manage my widget menu on the right side . your new widget will appear on that list . select and re-save it .

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Last Update : 2017-11-26 03:04:19